Sketchnoting in the Classrooms

To say that I’ve been inspired by Tanny McGregor is an understatement. Ever since my first grad school class when we used her book Comprehension Connections, I’ve been following her work and improving my craft as an educator through her comprehension strategies. Fast forward to 2018..ish…I was sitting in a meeting helping plan what ourContinue reading “Sketchnoting in the Classrooms”

Starting a Margin Project in Your School

It all started when I visited my parents over winter break last year and my mom wanted to show me and my kids the newly renovated library in town. I have to admit, the new library was beautiful and kinda made me wish I was still living back home. As we were walking around inContinue reading “Starting a Margin Project in Your School”

6 Books that ALL kids should read

It’s hard to listen and watch what’s happening all over the country, but we need to. We need to be listening and watching in order to bring much needed change. Change where black mothers and fathers should not live in fear for the children. Change where black people aren’t racially profiled at every turn. ChangeContinue reading “6 Books that ALL kids should read”

How a Hashtag Made a Better Teacher

Reading has always been a part of who I am. I remember many of my nights as a kid: snuggled up in bed reading the Baby-sitters Club series and the Boxcar Children series. I devoured each book as I just needed to know what happened next for each of the foursomes! As I grew up,Continue reading “How a Hashtag Made a Better Teacher”