Literary Terms Bookmark
Click here or the picture above to download your own FREE literary terms bookmark. This downloadable includes 8 of the most common literary terms that students will work with. Print on cardstock and laminate for your students so they can refer back to it throughout the year.
Book Report Choice Board
Click here or the picture above to download your own copy of a book report choice board. It includes 9 different options, with a generic rubric that can be used with any fiction text.
10 Tips for Remote Learning
While working with our amazing teachers as we’ve been full remote for the majority of the school year so far, I’ve put together 10 of my top tips for remote learning! Click here or the picture to download your own copy to use in your own buildings.
Remote Teaching Tools
Vocabulicious and I have created a FREE 3 page printable PDF to help you as you navigate the many different digital learning platforms that are available! Between Jamboard, Seesaw, Flipgrid, it can get overwhelming to decide which ones would best fit your needs and more importantly, your students’ needs! Click here or the picture to download your own copy!
Reading responses often become boring and monotonous for teachers and students. I’ve put together a guide of hashtag reading responses to breathe new life into your reader’s workshop. Students can choose a hashtag and respond to their reading in 240 characters or less. Your students will love it! Click here or the picture for your own FREE copy!

Guided Reading vs. Book Clubs
Guided reading groups and book clubs both can have amazing outcomes for students when utilized in a classroom. However, sometimes it can be difficult to decipher the difference between the two and soon, you may end up with a hybrid of both. I created this simple chart for the teachers in my building to help better explain the difference between guided reading, book clubs, and skill/strategy groups. Click here or the image above to grab your copy!
Reading Response Questions
I’m sure you all have your own resources already for reading responses, but I’ve found that you can never have too many! Kids get tired of using the same set of questions everyday to respond to, so switch it up for them…and you! This PDF includes two sets of questions: fiction and non-fiction. So whatever your students are reading, they’ll have a choice. Click here or the image above to grab your own copy!
Words Their Way Activities
If you’re a user of Words Their Way in the classroom, then you know just how important it is to have well-established routines for your students as they move through their sorts. One of the downfalls though, is that they eventually get bored with these same routines. I’ve created different games and activities that you can introduce to your class to try and jazz up your word study time. These are geared towards upper elementary students. Click here or the image above to grab your copy of the whole set.

First Chapter Friday
First Chapter Fridays are my favorite way to introduce a bunch of new books at once to students. Check out my post here to find out how I implemented it. Click here or the image to get your own template of the slide show I use.

Middle Grade Novels
Middle Grade novels are my favorite types of books to read. There are so many amazing authors out there and I love being able to help students find their “book soulmate”. Here is a list of the books that I recommend the most to my 3rd-5th grade students.

Reader’s Workshop Menu
If you’re looking for some fresh, new ways to have your students respond to their reading, check out my newest resource. This menu has engaging strategies that will allow students to share their thoughts about their reading in a fun way! Click here, or the picture, to download it for yourself!

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