The Golden Rule

My son is starting kindergarten in August; this will be my first experience with public school from the parent side, and I am so excited for him to start!! Now, he’s been at the same daycare since he was around five months old so this is going to be a huge transition for many reasons.

Of course, he has some nervousness, and alllllllll the questions about what kindergarten is going to be like. We’re fortunate enough to live right by the school so we started to walking over there each day to check it out and guess which window his is going to be. We also noticed that there is a Little Free Library in the front of the school so we’ve been taking some books home to read (carefully lysoled before being read….of course) and then we bring it back for a new one.

Well, the last time we went, he randomly chose a book that I didn’t even see. I didn’t think anything of it, but when we got home and read it together, it. took. my. breath. away. After we finished the book, my kids bounded off to finish pulling every toy they own off the shelf and I sat for a little while longer imagining the impact this book could have if more people shared it with their kids, students, friends, neighbors, family.

The Golden Rule by Illene Cooper

Stop reading this, click here to buy the book, and then come back here. I promise you won’t be disappointed…

The Golden Rule by Ilene Cooper

The past couple of weeks have brought a lot of emotions and feelings for everyone. The #blacklivesmatter movement has opened the door for some conversations in our house that we needed to have. This book takes the golden rule and makes it understandable for even the youngest readers.

A beautiful foreward written by John Green

“If you listen to other people and treat them how you would wish to be treated, your life will also become better.” It’s really as simple as that. Even my 3 and 5 year old understand what that means.

I took just a few pictures of the inside so you can see just how beautifully written this book is and think about the impact that this book could make, especially with our current events.

Powerful, right?!

This is the ending page in the book. What a simple, yet powerful thought to leave the readers with.

This is one book that we won’t be returning to the Little Free Library (don’t worry, I added about 10 more to make up for it). I plan on keeping this book displayed where both kids can regularly see it and we can read it over and over again. I encourage you all to hop over to Amazon and purchase this book for yourself. Whether you have your own kids, work with kids, or just someone who appreciates the beauty of a great picture book, stop what you’re doing right now and buy this book.


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