Covid Questions

Just like every other educator in the world right now, my mind is swirling with questions for next school year. I know we don’t have all the answers right now…or even some of them, but I just needed to write them down. I’m hoping that writing them down and sharing them with others, will help ease my anxiety about the upcoming school year.

Graphic from A Perfect Blend Teaching

I’m not looking for anyone to respond and try to answer them all….it’s just what’s on my heart at the moment…

We already have a sub shortage, how are we going to possibly find subs now?

If I have to quarantine, will I have to use my sick days?

Are students going to be able to use the books from the library and classrooms?

What if I’m back in school, but my son’s district decides to do remote learning?

How do we social distance in classrooms that have tables rather than desks?

What are we doing to protect our teachers’ mental health during this time?

Do we have enough busses for all the students to be able to maintain proper social distancing?

We have class sizes of around 26 and 27. Besides taking all the furniture out of the classroom, how can we social distance them?

Will students all be getting their own set of math manipulatives to use?

Will teachers be responsible for online and in-person teaching?

Again, these are just questions that have been weighing on my heart and mind. This isn’t meant to stress anyone out (more than you probably already are). I just needed to get them out….


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