Amazon Round-Up #3

Teacher Favorites

I recently checked my blog stats and analytics for the month of July. I love to see which posts have been the most popular, and which ones fell a little flat. It gives an insight into the types of posts I should write more of. Well, when I checked, it was clear what you all love…Amazon finds! I even have had some emails about my Amazon posts. You’re my kinda people….

I’ve been in full back to school prep over here…even though it’s looking completely different from anything I’m used to, there’s still things that need to get done! I’m linking some of my favorite back to school tools from Amazon for you all to browse through. Enjoy!!

Wireless Mouse

I don’t know about you all, but I need a mouse while using my MacBook. I’m sure I look like a crazy person when I walk into meetings with my computer, and then pull my mouse out of my bag. I don’t know, I just find it so much easier! Plus….this one is really pretty!

MacBook Air Case

I’m probably a little rougher than I should be with my computer. I often just toss it into my bag with all my other stuff, so I knew I needed a case. I love this one; it protects the edges, it’s inexpensive, and there’s tons of colors to choose from.

Phone/Tablet Stand

I constantly have my phone with me throughout the day. I recently bought this stand to keep it on my desk at school. I love that the charger goes through the bottom and I can have it plugged in all day while seeing the screen. It also tilts up and down to adjust to what you need!

Desktop Monitor

We’re starting the year with in-person teaching, but I also have the thought that we’re going to end up remote teaching at some point. If that happens, I already have this in my cart ready to go. I need to get a second screen if we’re strictly remote. I got so tired of having so many split screens on my laptop and it started to get too hard to see. I’m hoping a second screen will make it easier…especially in things like Google Meets…

Wireless Earbuds

I totally jumped on the wireless earbuds trend and I’m never going back! These are a super inexpensive version, but have amazing quality. I’m looking forward to using these at school this year!

Cup Cuddler

Is there anything worse that your iced Starbucks sweating all over your desk?? A coworker introduced this to me and I’m obsessed. It comes in two different sizes and keeps your desk dry and your drink cold!

Erasable Highlighters

They’re erasable….enough said.

Erasable Markers

I can’t get enough of this brand….

Vornado Mini Fan

There’s no air conditioning in my office and it gets sooo hot! I bought this little mini fan to sit on my desk. Even though it’s mini, it’s actually pretty powerful!

Screen Cleaning Wipes

I HATE having fingerprints and smudges on my computer screen and phone. Nothing drives me more crazy than when I pull all my stuff out of my bag and see my kids’ fingerprints all over my screens after a night of playing on my computer. Seriously though, how many times do I have to tell them it’s not a touchscreen!? I bought this box to keep in my desk and neurotically clean my screens when they get dirty. 💁🏻‍♀️


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