Amazon Lately

Get ready for a hot mess of randomness. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything so I thought I’d offer a peek into my latest Amazon purchases! Some our school related, some are not. I love seeing what other people are buying, so I thought why not share my hot mess?

Ready?! Here we go!

High Brew Iced Coffee

This is my absolute favorite coffee! I have it set up as a subscribe and save so I never have to worry about it. It just shows up at my door when I need it! Remote teaching, grad school, two kids….give me all the coffee!

Paint by Sticker Book

I bought this for my daughter to keep her busy last spring. I wasn’t expecting her to love them as much as she has. Now, I throw it in my bag when she has to tag along to big brother’s Taekwondo lessons and it keeps her busy!

Anchor Chart Paper

I stocked up on my new favorite size for the school year!

Despite the Best Intentions: How Racial Inequality Thrives in Good Schools

This was the book I chose for my book club in one of my grad school classes. I’m looking forward to starting it; I’ve been hearing really good things about it!

Transparent Sticky Notes

Bought a bunch of new packs of these to share with our new teachers. I’ve been using these like crazy and still love them!

Silicone Liners

I was tired of washing 58372849 plastic bowls throughout the day; my kids would take a new one for every snack they ate. I finally bought these after seeing so many other moms using them as snack holders. I also use them when packing my son’s lunch everyday.

Blank Cards

I love writing cards to people I work with and my son draws his friends pictures to mail (cutest thing ever)! This are by far the highest quality of cards I’ve ever purchased. They are so thick and come with a huge variety of images! Will definitely be ordering again!

Gold earrings

I’ve been trying to step up my accessory game, so I bought these for only $6! However, I then tired to put my mask on while wearing these…and the result was hysterical. I’ll save these to wear around my house without a mask getting stuck on them…

Melissa and Doug Responsibility Chart

Bought one of these for each of kids in hopes of trying to get them used to doing chores and being responsible for more things around the house. So far, we just like throwing the pieces and seeing if they stick to the board….

White Rolling Cart

Bought this to organize all of my grad school stuff and my son’s school supplies. Simple enough…

Plastic straws

Nothing fancy here. I know we’re supposed to be cutting back on straws and now that Starbucks doesn’t give them out anymore, I keep a stash in my desk at work. There’s better people out there that are reducing their straw use…I need a straw…

Preschool Workbook

My daughter wanted her own learning book and this one has been perfect for her. She loves it!

Elephant and Piggie

My son has recently discovered these books and is obsessed! I’ve been buying these when I see them cheap on Amazon; I can’t get enough of listening to him laugh as we read them.

Sandwich cutters

Trying to make the daily PB&J more fun for my son’s lunches. So far he’s been loving the puzzle one.

Black and Decker Handheld Vacuum

We desperately needed a new vacuum. I vacuum the floor, table, and kids after every meal. So far this one has held up well and is easy enough for the kids to use by themselves.


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