Main Character’s To-Do List

One of my favorite things to do as an instructional coach is to create, and provide, teachers with easy-to-implement ideas for their classrooms. This one I was inspired to make after seeing something similar as I was scrolling through Instagram a couple nights ago.

My example is Mia Tang’s to-do list, the main character from the incredible novel Front Desk by Kelly Yang.

I’m the queen of lists; I have lists for my lists. If you were to open my bottom desk drawer, you would be probably be appalled at the amount of notepads I own (that doesn’t stop me from buying more). I thought it would be fun to incorporate my crazy list-making skills into a reading activity.

After reading a book, or even just a chapter, students could create what they think would be on the main character’s to-do list. This simple, but fun task will help deepen your student’s character analysis skills. Students need to have a strong understanding of the character, including outside and inside traits, desires, challenges, and needs.

In addition to creating an anchor chart and creating a to-do list as a whole class, I’ve also created a digital version to accommodate our current “normal”. Click here or the picture below, to get your own editable copy that you can share with your own students!


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