4th of July Picture Books

4th of July is the most perfect holiday. Even though this year might look a little different (#thankscovid), I still plan on making it the most perfect celebration I can for my two kids. For us, a celebration is never complete without some books that we can all enjoy together. With 4th of July comingContinue reading “4th of July Picture Books”

Teaching with Picture Books

1st Edition: Little Excavator Being quarantined for the past three months with my 5 year old and 3 year old has given me a lot of time to read the books we have at home. We read a lot of books each day and everytime we read one, I find myself thinking, “how could IContinue reading “Teaching with Picture Books”

5 Tips for Creating Anchor Charts

A couple years ago my district adopted the Lucy Calkins Writing Units of Study. We didn’t have a cohesive writing program and we were just pulling resources from TPT or somewhere else. So finally having a consistent program from K-8 was huge! For anyone that’s familiar with Calkins, you understand then when I say thatContinue reading “5 Tips for Creating Anchor Charts”

Starting a Margin Project in Your School

It all started when I visited my parents over winter break last year and my mom wanted to show me and my kids the newly renovated library in town. I have to admit, the new library was beautiful and kinda made me wish I was still living back home. As we were walking around inContinue reading “Starting a Margin Project in Your School”