Amazon Favorites Pt. 2

My last Amazon post was all about my favorite school supplies and things that I love having with me during the school year. This Amazon list is a little different. I was trying to think of a clever name for this group, but I’m just gonna call it what it is….

Here is my round up of “all the things you don’t actually need, but should buy because of how amazing they are”. Click on the links or pictures to take you straight to Amazon and enjoy!

Transparent Sticky Notes

As a post it obsessed person, I immediately bought these when I saw them. These are going to game-changers for conferring with students about their writing! I always hated covering up their writing with my post-its when I would chat with them.

Magnetic Shelf Rack

Is it just me or does anyone else end up with things all over their whiteboard ledge by the end of the day?! I usually have books, papers, markers, notebooks, and more falling off my ledge and it drives me crazy. When I saw this, I envisioned an organized whiteboard at the end of the day….there’s even a place to hang my face masks…💁🏻‍♀️

Wireless Doorbell

If I was still in the classroom, this would be the first thing I would buy. I love the idea of simply pushing a button to have sound play as my transition warning. This specific one comes in many colors (pink, obviously) and has 52 different ringtones at 4 different sound levels…you know, in case your indecisive…

Prize Wheel

PDs and trainings are about to get crazy! Seriously though….can you imagine how much fun this would bring to your classroom?! Incentives, book reviews, celebrations, classroom management….so many possibilities!

Sit Spots

We just got the directive that IL schools will resume in-person classes in the fall, with of course, social distancing. With having to keep kids 6 feet apart as best as we can, primary teachers might not be the only ones that could use these. Place these around your room or school as a visual reminder of where kids need to be.

Magnetic Curtain Rod

If you make any sort of anchor charts, buy this now. It sticks to your whiteboard and displays all your anchor charts. It does start to get heavy around 15 charts, but just swap them out. Seriously..this thing is GOLD!

Jenga set

Again, if I was back in the classroom, this would be at the top of my list! Students would love to play with these as they study vocab, math facts, anything! Plus, these are already colored, which makes them more fun.

Ceiling Light Covers

I absolutely HATE the fluorescent ceiling lights. I used to go home at night with such a pounding headache until I saw our super smart social worker had hung these in her office. In to my cart they went…two days later they arrived and my office now has a soft, cozy feel!


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