Amazon Finds for Middle School

As you all know, Amazon is how I survive as a parent, especially now that I’ve moved to a town where there’s only one store to shop at. Daughter starting dance class…leotard and tights will be here in three days! Son finally joined soccer…shinguards and cleats are on their way!

The same is true as an educator: all your pencils mysteriously disappear?? Don’t worry, 100 more will be here in two days.

So, obviously when I moved into my room at my new school, I turned to Amazon to buy the essentials since all my stuff is still in storage 90 minutes away: colored file folders, my favorite mechanical pencils, anchor chart paper, and of course, Mr. Sketch. I also quickly found some new favorites from Amazon that are essential to a middle school life!

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Rolling Cart

My new school is HUGE and I’m constantly splitting my time between the 3 teams of 7th grade teachers. Don’t laugh, but this cart is amazing! I load all my books, laptop, and supplies and wheel my way across campus, through all the 13 and 14 year olds, to get to the other classrooms!

Mini Fridge

Like I said, our campus is huge. The teacher’s lounge is all the way in the front of the building, and my classroom is upstairs on the opposite side; it’s a long walk! I broke down and got myself this adorable little mini fridge to keep under my desk. It’s fully stocked with coffee, water, and La Croix for when I have a quick second during passing periods!

Golf Pencils

No one comes to class as unprepared as a middle schooler, towards the end of the school year. I bought a box a golf pencils to bring with me to classrooms. I don’t know if it’s because they’re mini, but my students always return them when they’re done. No one is walking off with them! Seriously, get a box of these to keep in your room, plus they’re Ticonderoga!

Table Topics

We all know middle schoolers can be a little awkward at times…especially when trying to start conversations with each other in class. I bought a set of table topics for them to use. They can pick a conversation starter prompt from the pack and read that. Everyone responds and the conversations start flowing. This set comes with three packs and are all school-appropriate!

Rainbow Washi Tape

I have way more washi than anyone would ever need. BUT….I still ended up buying this pack of rainbow colors to organize all the things! I color code all the cords in outlets, student files, novels, and more. I even have put washi on all my expo markers to make sure they don’t get lost!

Gloves in a Bottle

If you follow GoCleanCo on Instagram, then you already know about this magic. Just a little bit of this goes a long way; it creates a pair of “invisible gloves” to protect your hands. I don’t know about you, but being back in school full-time, which all the handwashing , sanitizing, and cleaning, my hands are rough. This stuff protects them for up to 4 hours!!

Gel-ocity Pens

Best. Pens. Ever. Seriously….they write smooth, no smearing, and come in a ton of colors. I have boxes of these stashed in my desk.

To Do Planner

If you know me, even a little bit, chances are you know how much I love paper planners. I consistently use two during the school year and will never go fully digital with a planner. However, I randomly found the sweet little to do planner while scrolling Amazon and LOVE it! There’s no dates or calendars in it; it’s just pages of blank to-do lists. There spots to track water intake, appointments, meals for the day, and more. Each page is perforated so you can easily tear it out!

Retractable Badge Holders

With so many classes to go into, I’m constantly reaching for my keys. I finally broke down and bought a retractable badge holder, and it’s been life changing! The alligator clip on the back spins so you can clip it to your clothes in any direction, plus it comes in 3 pack!

Transparent Sticky Notes

I’ve blogged about my love for these sticky notes before. If you still haven’t gotten them, add them to your cart NOW! I love being able to leave feedback on students’ work without having to actually write on their paper. These are worth every penny!

Note: This blog post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon associate, I may earn a commission (at no cost to you) should you make a purchase using my link.


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