Supporting Our Upper Level Readers

So often we’re so focused on those sweet students in our class that struggle. They take up so much of our minds and hearts. We think about them at night, on the weekends, during our own kids’ soccer practices…constantly. We think about what else we can do for them to help them become successful. WeContinue reading “Supporting Our Upper Level Readers”

Amazon Finds for Middle School

As you all know, Amazon is how I survive as a parent, especially now that I’ve moved to a town where there’s only one store to shop at. Daughter starting dance class…leotard and tights will be here in three days! Son finally joined soccer…shinguards and cleats are on their way! The same is true asContinue reading “Amazon Finds for Middle School”

Representing your Students’ Identities

As most of you know, I’ve started a new job….in a middle school. I was one of those teachers that always had the idea that I would hate teaching middle school. All those hormones, changes, attitudes…no thanks. Well, here I am…2 months in…and loving it. These 7th and 8th graders are amazing. Yes, middle schoolContinue reading “Representing your Students’ Identities”