Amazon Favorites

I became an educator for the same reason that all of you did…..the school supplies.

Just kidding…I mean, of course I went into education because I absolutely love working with children, but the school supplies helped, too.

Deep down, I think everyone that becomes a teacher has the same obsession with all things school supply related: flair pens, sharpies, folders, the list goes on and on. Now, I probably have enough BIC mechanical pencils to last me well past my retirement age, but you better believe that when Target starts putting out all the school supplies in July, I’ll be there, throwing a couple more packs in my cart. I just can’t help it. And even though I’m not a classroom teacher anymore, I still find myself buying 30 folders and notebooks. Why?? It makes me happy…simple as that. In the world we live in today, when you find something that makes you happy, as trivial as it may be, you do it.

Like I mentioned before, I’m super impatient. I can’t just wait for the back to school sales in July. That’s where Amazon comes in. All year round, I can order anything I want and have it on my doorstep in 2 days. What a world we live in…

Here are some of my absolute, very favorite supplies that I cannot live without during the school year! Click on the pictures to visit Amazon and treat yourself to something new!

Mildliners Double Ended Highlighters/Markers
BIC 0.5 Mechanical Pencils
Astrobright colored paper
BIC Wite-Out Rollers
Desktop Organizer
Blank cards and envelopes
Post-It variety pack

What’s your very favorite school supply? Leave it in the comments…chances are I’ll probably end up buying it!


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