Post-It Chart Paper Comparison

I know, I know….most of you are rolling your eyes as you read that title, and probably at the whole idea of this post. But, for the rest of you crazies like me, this is probably something you’re excited about! I know who you are….

Also, let’s be honest, we can all use a little distraction while we wait for our districts to release our back to school plans for the fall…

Like I’ve mentioned in a previous post, anchor charts are my jam. I love creating them, teaching with them, referring back to them, and sharing them with others. I’ve used every size that Post-It offers and have found that certain sizes work better depending on the purpose. If you’re crazy like me, and want to find the perfect anchor chart paper for you, I’m comparing three different sizes below.

Here is an overview I created to help you see the different sizes compared to each other!

Largest Size (25 in x 30 in)

This size is great for charts that you intend to hang up so students can reference it from across the room. It’s large enough for you to write everything you need to and kids will be able to easily see it. The problem…..if you tend to create a lot of anchor charts, these can quickly take over all your walls and space.

Portable Easel Pad (20 in x 23 in)

This paper is smaller than the one above, but it can still feel large when you start putting multiple anchor charts on your wall. However, this one is great when you’re working with a guided reading group. You can prop it up on the table and record thoughts and ideas down so everyone can see at once!

Mini Easel Pad (15 in x 18 in)

THE BEST ONE!! Here it is….my new favorite!! This one is much smaller than the other two and is going to be perfect for so many things. I facilitate a lot of PD for teachers, so I plan on using this for our collaborative conversations. In the classroom, it can be used for anything! Guided reading groups, mini-lessons, review games, book clubs, and more! I found a 3 pack on Amazon and they’re already in the trunk of my car waiting to go to my office!

Seriously though, you can’t go wrong with any of these and honestly, I have all three sizes in my office. Whatever you end up choosing, just remember your purpose: teaching and engaging your students!


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